Why is Africa the poorest amongst all Continents??

View QuestionsCategory: PoliticsWhy is Africa the poorest amongst all Continents??
Sani ahlulbayt asked 8 months ago
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Aarush answered 8 months ago

Because African leaders are all corrupt. We are victims of  the same corrupt leaders here in India

Aarush replied 8 months ago

Indian’s may even be worse than African’s.

Agnes answered 7 months ago

Almost seventy percent of world resources are from Africa, but one of reasons why they’re impoverished, despite all the resources they have, is their laziness. Africans love luxurious life yet they are not hard workers. I agree with you Aarush, their leaders are also selfish. Africa needs deliverance.

Abdul Karim answered 7 months ago

Aid dependency on other continents like Europe makes Africa not to work so hard to be independent.Reducing aid dependency will make Africa great. Our leaders will go for loan and mis-manage it, our leaders are corrupted. Africa is poor because of our inadequacy in education. Education they say is the key to success, if Africa’s literacy rate is increased, Africa will be great.

Mufti answered 7 months ago

A considerable number of people will agree with the fact that, African leaders are corrupt,selfish among others but I will partly agree with this this. Africans themselves possess this mentality about themselves that suppresses their potential to develop their continent. Obviously, Africans don’t really admire the fact that their colleagues are doing far better than them, and any attempt made by one to rise above the other is seen as a selfish means on the part of the  person in question. Originality, talent, resourceful initiatives are overruled by most people. In Short Africans are Selfish and corrupt no long talk.