Are there scientific benefit of performing ablution ?

View QuestionsCategory: IslamAre there scientific benefit of performing ablution ?
Habiba asked 8 months ago

I believe God will not command for something without physical benefit to us. 

confessor replied 8 months ago

sure, since water is being used

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Abdul Karim answered 7 months ago

Ablution simply means washing oneself with water. Below are some of the scientific benefits of ablution
1. Ablution cures depression. Washing the hands, feet and face five times a day recover one from depression
2. Washing the ears helps getting rid of the extra wax that may cause ear infection. Also, wiping over the back of the ears prevents infections like mastoiditis from arising.
3.Washing the nose prevents the it from microbic diseases
4.washing arms activates blood circulation. Hence ablution normalises blood pressure.